By Pavel Shchegolevatykh / May 17, 2014

My favorite old PC games

I still have nothing useful to share with you guys, but I have some free time now. So I'd like to tell you about some things from the past. These games were my first and not as popular as StarCraft, Doom, or Quake, but I enjoyed playing them nonetheless. Good times.

Tom and Jerry

Since my dad gave me his old PC (IBM 80386) as a gift I spent lots of time playing this game. I a six years old at that time and the game was so difficult! I couldn't pass even the first level. There was like nowhere to go. After a while, I realized that I could switch my weapons and use a balloon to make my character fly. After that level 1 became an easy win.

The second level was way harder. It was all about jumping from one cliff to the other. I hated those cliffs because I was falling down all the time, and each fall set me almost to the beginning. Still hate that f***ing cliff-jumping in videogames!

After many trials I managed to complete level 2, but then got completely stuck at level 3. Third level was insanely hard. So, I gave up.

Color Lines

This game was actually my dad's favorite. He played it all the time. Then, my mom also started playing it, so I couldn't resist. By the way, Color Lines had the best music intro I have ever heard.

The gameplay itself seemed easy, but the game required lots of thinking, almost like chess.

My father was constantly making the best score. He was always the king. So my mom and I could not get even close to his score. It was like a family game. One of us were sitting there playing and others just walking around giving some hints and suggestions about the best moves. Hated when my mom teached me how to play. :)

Moorhuhn Series

After my dad upgraded my PC, giving me his old one again (this time it was Pentium 100), this chicken shooter series became the new best game for me and my mom.

I played it most of the time. Dad never played this because the game didn't require any thinking at all. Just shoot some chicks - that's all.

He just brought us the CD with all the series: Moorhuhn JAGD, Moorhuhn 2 and Moorhuhn Winter Edition. Each game had different graphics, landscapes, decorations, bonuses and soundtracks. As for the gameplay it was basically the same in all three parts. Sometimes I got bored by that, but kept playing from time to time anyway.

Then I got Worms and Warcraft 2 and the real life became something I lost for many years.